fine art and private & home school K-12th grades Christian art curriculum
supporting the grammar, dialectic, and rehetoric stages of Classical education

Art Materials Ordering

by Diane Shields Spears, Doctor of Christian Education

To expedite and simplify the art supplies ordering process:

K-8 supplies are on two lists for comparison:
To purchase all the supplies for
your targeted grade levels in one order:
CLICK HERE for the K-8 supply list by grade level and category.pdf

To purchase only a few supplies at a time
for your targeted grade levels:
CLICK HERE for the K-8 supply list by month and activity.pdf

CLICK HERE for the high school supply list by semester
(Units 1-3; Units 4-7).pdf

Spears Art Studio recommends (for large purchases) Dick Blick Art Materials, a supplier of quality items at reasonable prices and exceptional service with free shipping on orders $200.00 and over. On this worksheet are the Dick Blick stock numbers for "regular" materials and also items that are sometimes difficult to find.
Items NOT in this on-line worksheet are:
• not offered by the art supplier in small or individual units, and/or
• can be found in the home and purchased locally for less.
For items not included in the on-line worksheet, compare the worksheet with the complete lists for grade levels found in each curriculum Index.

The on-line supply list state items per student for K-12. Many items can be shared by students, but some cannot, which will be obvious. The prices listed here are Dick Blick prices as of Nov. 2008, but will help you estimate your cost.
CLICK HERE for the on-line-ordering art supplies worksheets.pdf (all levels)
Using these worksheets does not obligate you to purchase from Dick Blick.

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