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Artist's Statement:
Artistic Signature

We are told that each person’s handwriting and signature is uniquely personal, and that experts can determine the nature of individuals by their handwriting, especially their signatures. This is probably still in the realm of pseudo-science, but general characteristics of a person can be determined even by those who are not experts in this field. The same, I believe, holds true for the visual artist. Each artist has a personal artistic signature in the choices of line, shape, volume, color, and more. This artistic signature is the artist’s personal style and has the potential to produce an image with spiritual content, even if the observable subject matter is not spiritual.

Therefore, in addition to a personal artistic signature, images by a Christian artist will also reveal a spiritual signature because of who he or she is in Christ. If the subject matter is not “religious,” viewers can discern spiritual content intuitively. This has little to do with the artist’s skill.

Most of my artworks are traditional/representational. There are a few scattered non-representational pieces that I love painting as well. The traditional images are realistic, but for the most part, not photographic, letting my personal artistic signature show. Impressionism and post-impressionism have influenced my development. Occasionally my images approach photographic and “concrete,” but always with brush strokes visible for texture. I want to give myself permission to experiment.

I’ve painted many landscapes in a series entitled “Stained Glass Forest” in which the negative space between the branches is treated as positive space. I believe this conveys the idea of the complexity of God’s world while presenting a “new” way of thinking about a landscape for the viewer. The moon is prominent in many of my landscapes representing the fact that, like the moon, we borrow our light from the sun/Son. I hone my observation skills by the challenges inherent in making still life images believable, but not necessarily photographic. In images of people, I attempt to portray the mood of the subject, thus reflecting the human condition, but with hope and dignity. I rarely do a portrait photographic likeness, even though the images look like the subject, because I would rather interpret a subject than produce a photographic likeness, leaving that for the camera. I choose to present images that will cause the viewer to think on things that are lovely and of a good report (Philippians 4:8). I avoid political or morally controversial subjects.

I believe that my subject matter, executed with skill, can glorify God, whether or not the subject is “”religious.” This is not an excuse for not doing all religious subjects. Instead, it liberates me to wait for true inspiration from God through daily communion in the Word and through prayer, rather that turn out uninspired works. We all recognize too many images in this world that do not glorify God. I desire all of my artworks to glorify our Lord, the Creator of the universe.

Short Bio about Diane
Diane Shields Spears has a Bachelor of Arts from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, in art, English, and education, a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, and a Doctorate in Christian Education/Art, both from San Antonio Theological Seminary, an extension of the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. She is Texas state certified for both elementary and secondary, has been an educator off-and-on for thirty years.

Diane has a background of personal achievement in the “art world,” including featured artist exhibits, acceptance into juried shows, receiving first place cash awards, free-lance work, illustrating children’s books, and is represented in many private collections. She is acquainted with many styles and media, but prefers drawing with graphite pencil, colored pencil, ink, and painting in oils. She is author of Art for Kings Christian Art Curriculum K-8, A Teacher's Manual©, revised to Spears Art Studio K-8 Christian Art Curriculum, A Teacher's Manual©, Spears Art Studio High School Art Survey, A Study from a Christian Worldview©, and several other instructional manuals. Diane is a member of many professional organizations, and is named in the 20th Edition of Who's Who of American Women, the 52nd Edition of Who's Who in America, the 15th edition of Who's Who in the World, and subsequent editions of each volume.

Diane has taught in public, private and home school situations. Her last public assignment was in the Edgewood Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas, in which she was the Fine Arts Curriculum Specialist/Coordinator and during her last year, Head of Visual Arts and full time instructor for the Edgewood Academy of Fine Arts. After moving to the Bandera, Texas area, she taught 5th/6th and 6th/7th core curriculum, and art and music from 2003 - 2006 in a private Christian school setting. She is still teaching art part-time and is staying busy in her studio and writing curriculum, poetry, and prose.
first place cash award
"Caladiums" by D. S. Spears©
oil on canvas
image size: 40"x30"
Artist's Who Teach Exhibit
San Antonio Art Education Assoc.
San Antonio ReBarn, Dec. 1995
private collection
first place cash award
"Golden Opportunity for Perfection"
by D. S. Spears©
oil on canvas
image size: 20"x24"
“The Egg as an Object of Art,” Exhibit
Centro Cultural Aztlan,
Galleria Expression
San Antonio, TX, 1998
private collection
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